We design, manufacture and deploy IoT solutions for smart city applications. With our current innoIoT series we are enpowering various solutions for smart city and mobility projects.


Taxi dispatch systems

We build top-notch taxi dispatch services, included but not limited to developing the software, setting up and managing the hardware and ensuring flawless execution of the project among multiple shareholders. Our most prominent project iTaksi is the official taxi hailing service of Istanbul.

zap taxi top

Digital out-of-home advertising

Our patented product, Zap! is an eye-catching digital advertising channel for rideshare car-tops which displays ads in a geo-targeted and daily-parted manner, publishing the right message to the right audience in the right time and place.


Rideshare car advertising

We developed an AI/ML powered advertising platform for rideshare cars, effectively targeting desired audience.

ambulance dispatch

Emergency ambulance dispatch systems

We minimize the waiting time of patients by building a system that diverts the closest available ambulance, by optimizing the route and the selection process.


Optimization in transportation

Through advanced big data analysis and management we carry out route, rate and stop optimization for logistics services, including ambulances, taxi fleets and other means of transportation.


Our team is comprised of top-notch engineers with engineering degrees from leading universities around the world, with high-level experience in startups and corporate companies alike. INNOLOGY stands for Innovative Technology - the core of our endeavor. To this day, we have built internationally recognized products by hatching good ideas into reality.


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